Who organises Low Car Diet?

Low Car Diet is organised by Stichting De Reisbeweging.

Since the first Low Car Diet at Urgenda in 2012, the Low Car Diet competition has grown into the largest mobility competition in the Netherlands in just a few years. We are obviously very proud of that and we would never have been able to achieve what we did without Urgenda’s help. 

The Low Car Diet organisation became its own, independent association in February 2017. This association is called Stichting De Reisbeweging and focuses not only on sustainability, but also on accessibility and quality of life, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

The vision of the association is to make mobility more sustainable by bringing about behavioural change for a more habitable world, better travel options and smarter mobility choices. 

Behavioural change, particularly when it comes to mobility, must be initiated by each individual. They must experience it. Stichting de Reisbeweging is the leading specialist when it comes to helping individuals, organisations and government agencies with behavioural change. We do so by setting up or co-initiating projects, carrying out (journalistic) research and influencing policy.

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Our other activities

The activities of Stichting de Reisbeweging

Stichting de Reisbeweging works in different ways to improve mobility, thus promoting accessibility and quality of life. We do so by setting up or co-initiating projects, carrying out (journalistic) research and influencing policy. Here is a sampling of our activities.

The Low Car Diet

The largest mobility campaign in the Netherlands

De Wijkstrijd

Make the community habitable again!

Mobility research

The (long-term) effects of travelling differently

Fiets je Fit!

Travelling by bike to avoid heavy traffic formation


Fossil-fuel free in Friesland for two weeks in 2018

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