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During Low Car Diet you will start travelling in a different way than you do today.
Below you will find a step-by-step instruction on how the competition works, what results were from a past Low Car Diet and some partner deals with suppliers. 

Low Car Diet in 5 steps

Activation day

Before the competition begins, a Low Car Diet activation team will visit your company. Your employees can take a test drive in an electric car and ask all their questions about the competition. This is also the time for your colleagues to register!

We will visit your location
Some participating companies have multiple locations and we will discuss with the team captain how many of those locations we will visit. If an activation team does not visit a location, those employees can still register online.


Would you like to start preparing now for the Low Car Diet month? Check which travel options you can use to replace your car.

Plan your travel by public transport:
Have a look on or to see which public transport connections are available for your commute. Is there no connection between the train station and your home or office? Use your bike, an OV-fiets (public transport bike) or other bicycle sharing service!

Search for a beautiful cycle route
Of course, you can also cycle to work, it’s healthy and the fall sun will feel wonderful. Too far away? Check with your team captain to try out an e-bike.

Carpool with a friendly colleague
You can also carpool with your colleagues using our Low Car Diet app. We will provide you with carpool suggestions at your company based on your address and you can make arrangements with them directly.

Work from home
If you work from home, you don’t have to travel at all! Does your employer offer that flexibility? Talk with your team captain and see if you may use the Low Car Diet month to try it out.  

Work near your home
Are you distracted easily at home? See if there is a flex workspace near you, for example Seats2Meet.


Every Low Car Diet edition has a festive kick-off on its first day. You will receive more information about your kick-off via e-mail.


Get started

During the Low Car Diet campaign your company will attempt to travel as sustainably as possible. Under step 2 you will see some tips to find another mode of transport instead of the car to suit your situation.
You will keep a log of your travel in the Low Car Diet tool during the competition. From the first day of the competition, all employees will be able to log into the tool and you will see your personal dashboard with your own travel calendar and scorecard.

Keep a weekly log of your trips in the Low Car Diet tool
You will use this tool to specify the trips you have made and the mode of transport you used. The baseline for your travel is already listed in your calendar. We calculate the points you score per trip based on CO2 emissions, how much you travel in a sustainable manner and how varied your trips are. More information on how to use this tool and how the scoring works can be found in the user’s guide.

Win great prizes!
Do your best during the competition month and earn as many points as you can, because you may win one of our great prizes!

Closing event

As usual, the Low Car Diet will finish with a closing event. All participants in the Low Car Diet will be treated to inspirational speakers and workshops. The prize winners will also be announced, and you will have an opportunity to win more prizes! Details will follow.

Use our data to make your mobility policy more sustainable!
After completing the 30-day Low Car Diet you will have gained a good understanding of your company’s travel habits. The Low Car Diet­ team will host workshops so that you can get more out of this information so that you can truly make the change to more sustainable travel. We will analyse the situation within your company and offer customised recommendations on how you can make the change to a more sustainable means of transport.  Send an e-mail for more information.

Low Car Diet 2018 Results

Center Parcs wins the competition by reducing CO2 emissions by 13.9 tons and by driving 77% fewer kilometres by car.

From 14 May to 14 June, sixteen organisations with 1400 employees accepted the challenge of making their commutes and business travel as eco-friendly as possible. The result: out of the 1 million kilometres travelled, they drove 65% fewer kilometres by car. This has made their travel 50% cleaner, and they have reduced their CO2 emissions by 62 tons (see graph). By travelling in a more sustainable manner, the participants have also enjoyed more physical exercise and saved money. One participant exercised an average of 75 minutes more during the Low Car Diet, thus saving €100.
The Low Car Diet awards ceremony was held on 14 June at the Railway museum in Utrecht and Annemieke Nijhof, chairperson of the Mobiliteitstafel Klimaatakkoord (Climate Change Agreement Mobility Table), announced that Center Parcs had won the Low Car Diet 2018 prize. The employees of Center Parcs scored the most points last month by driving 77% fewer kilometres by car and reducing their CO2 emissions by 13.9 tons. This means that they travelled 63% cleaner than before! Khaled Mustafa of Landal GreenParks won the individual prize by using public transport for 73% of his travel, where he normally would have driven a car before. 
Even after the end of the Low Car Diet, participants are still travelling more consciously. So we can't wait for our next Low Car Diet campaigns to start to make more employees enthusiastic for conscious travelling.

Special offers

Read below which trial offers run during the challenge month and how these can be used by your company. More information about the specific offers for your Low Car Diet campaign is found in your information e-mail.

Most of our Low Car Diet campaigns come with the use of electric cars from our partner organizations. You can contact us for more information. The trial offers for our national Low Car Diet campaign in summer 2019 will follow in the next coming months.
Do you live around 10-15 kilometers from your work? Then an e-bike is perfect for you! Try one out during our Low Car Diet campaign and earn points for the competition. You will receive information about your bike offers for individual Low Car Diet campaigns in an email. The trial offers for our national Low Car Diet campaign in summer 2019 will follow in the next coming months.
Would you (also) like to use the public transport during the Low Car Diet? You can order your personal card online. Normal fees apply, except for companies that made a special arrangement for during the campaign. This will become known to you via email. Ordering a NS-Business Card will take a few working days, so don't wait too long. You can use the card for every form of public transport during commuting and/or your business travels. 

How does the tool work?

You will keep a log of your travel in the travel calendar in the Low Car Diet tool for the duration of the competition. It will show you how your travel habits affect CO2 emissions, your travel time and costs.

You will earn points in the form of stars for each trip. We will add your points for all categories together, with which you and your organisation can win the competition! Do you have any questions about the tool or would you like to know what the scoring, travel costs and CO2 emissions are based on? Download the user's guide by clicking on the button below. Would you also like to have the Low Car Diet tool as an app on your phone? Go to page 7 of the user's guide for instructions for iPhone/iPad and Android.

Download the manual

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We happily work together with (sustainable) suppliers, interested municipalities, government and organizations. 
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